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In the main stream alcohol rehab hospitals

  • You will pay up to £18,000 for 4 weeks rehab programme
  • Treatment will be based mostly on talking therapy
  • Expected relapse rate after one year is 80% or more
  • You will pay only 2/3 of that price
  • Diagnostics is based on endophenotypes (QEEG and ERP) and treatment on Neurofeedback
  • Expected relapse rate after one year is 20% or less
The choice is yours

Our drug-free, Neurofeedback based protocols help a person to reach a deep state of increased plasticity of the brain. In that state the brain is able to alter the existing patterns of emotions, attitudes and behaviours, changing them into more appropriate patterns that will not need alcohol to cope with reality. Altering the patterns of the brain waves is a positive manifestation of the plasticity of the nervous system. There are no known side effects of these protocols, which are based on operant conditioning and their efficiency lays in the fact that the brain is constantly in a state of dynamic flux. It is never a condition, but a constant process, efficiently utilised by Neurofeedback.

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It's been demonstrated that neurofeedback is successful in up to 80% of cases in treating alcoholism. There are no known side effects of the neurofeedback training and it is drug free. It takes up to 40 sessions and in an ideal situation there should be two sessions a day. However, daily sessions and even three sessions a week are acceptable. The training is usually combined with other psychological interventions to achieve even better results. The most salient difference between Neurofeedback and conventional methods is that Neurofeedback has significantly lower rate of relapse, whilst the conventional methods are notorious for their high relapse rate.

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