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Specialists in Attention, Mental Performance and Stress Reduction
Peak Performance Programmes

Peak Performance Programmes can help you to improve:

  • Your attention and concentration
  • Your alertness and arousal
  • Your ability to manage distractions
  • Your internal mental composure
  • Your consistency
  • Your focus
  • Your focused ability to learn and practise a skill
  • Your energy management during intense training and competition
  • Your ability to "keep cool" under pressure
  • Your acquisition and retention skills
  • Your memory
  • Your ability to overcome unsuccessful competition

In Italy some of the best soccer players of the Milan Football Club used Neurofeedback Training. It is interesting to note that afterwards, Italy won the soccer world championship.

Peak Performance Programs are run at the United States Military Academy's Center for Enhanced Performance at West Point. Many top people in sport and business had it.

It helped them - It may help you!

Performance Activities
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