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Specialists in Attention, Mental Performance and Stress Reduction

Dr Z Bobich


Dr Z Bobich



01276 34822

  • 1979, Psychologiae Professor
  • 1980, Diploma in Social Psychiatry
  • 1981, Magister Scientiarum Medicarum ad Medicinam Pertinentium
  • 1985, Magister Peritissimus Psychologiae Clinicae
  • 1989, Doctorem Scientiarum Medicarum ad Medicinam Pertinentium
  • 1996, Statement of Equivalence in Clinical Psychology
  • 1996, Chartered Clinical Psychologist - BPS 39440

I have more than 30 years' experience in Clinical Psychology, working with general adult, elderly and adolescent populations. I came to England in 1992 with a reference from the Director of the Mental Health Department of the World Health Organisation. I worked in Oxford for the Oxfordshire Health Authority (with adults, the elderly, children, adolescents, and learning difficulties). From 1993 until 1997 I ran the Psychology Services for the Elderly at Heathlands MH NHS Trust, then I moved into the private sector where I worked with mentally ill and personality disordered adolescents until the year 2000. After that I undertook various assignments which required a variety of experience and skills, such as clearing waiting lists within the general population, working with eating disorders, neuropsychology and mentally ill and personality disordered forensic patients. Since 2002 until 2008 I worked as a Head of the Psychology Department in one of The Priory's Forensic Hospitals. I am the founder and Director of Psychology Consultants Ltd and Janus Clinic where I currently work. I am an Expert Witness with courtroom experience (including an appearance at the Old Bailey in a murder case).


I have experience in working with adolescent, elderly and adult populations, both general and mentally ill and personality disordered.
Forensic work

The area of my forensic work encompasses Risk Assessment (Violence), Assessment of Dangerousness, Mental Health and Crime, Fitness to Plead, IQ Assessment, Personality Assessment, Classification of Criminal Offenders, Personality Disorders and Anger Management. I work with cases involving psychological Trauma, PTSD, Accidents (including RTA), Domestic Violence, Rape, Assault, Bullying and Harassment at Work.


Books I conduct psychotherapy work within various models that include Psychodynamic, Transactional Analysis, Gestalt, Cognitive, Behavioural, Existential, PECB and EMDR. I also use Neurofeedback and Biofeedback in my work.

Janus Clinic, which I established, is the UK's first Neurofeedback and Biofeedback Clinic. At Janus Clinic we treat problems caused by PTSD, Anxiety, RTA, Psychological Trauma, Bullying, Rape, Work Related Stress, Migraine/Headaches, Stress, Violence/Assault, Anger Management, ADHD and Addiction.

Approach to Interventions

I developed a model of psychological work, namely "A Modular Approach", which is based on a thorough assessment of more than 200 personality traits, leading to a specific formulation and interpretation of the patient's needs stemming from the hierarchical order of the most pronounced clinical traits. Then, psychological work addresses clinical needs in the abovementioned order.

Theoretical work

American Journal In year 2006 I completed the work that was started by Pinel, continued by Krapelin, Schneider, Cleckley, Millon and Hare. I published The General Theory of Psychopathy in California, presented it at the international conference in Montreal and utilised it at the Central Criminal Court in London in a murder case.
In 2007 I completed The 72 Hour Risk of Violence Assessment (R-72), which was designed to predict the likelihood of violence in mental health hospitals/settings within the next 72 hours. Z Presenting
R-72 requires substantial knowledge and experience. Risk assessment is a serious business and it is nave to believe that every mental health worker is capable of doing it. Therefore, the so-called "manual" approach is insufficient and may lead to a false belief that a "just ticking-the-boxes" approach will solve the problem. R-72 gives another dimension to risk assessment that hasn't been used before. This work was presented at the international conference in Venice in April 2008. In addition, I developed the Aggression Profile tool, which will give all the important information to the police negotiator within two minutes, if a crisis or incident occurs. Z Presenting
Clinical work

Another important contribution to current psychological knowledge concerns the method for differential diagnosis using the MMPI-2. The method enables the detection and prediction of whether the MMPI-2 profile is psychotic or neurotic. It goes even further, to the area that is not immediately visible and enables prediction of what type of pathology (psychosis or neurosis) is likely to occur if the patient is stressed beyond the ability to cope. It is indicated by an index called Bobich's ζ (zeta). MMPI-2
Published work

In 2000 I published a book "Recognise Your Enemy", which deals with various personalities that can make one's life rather difficult. I constructed 6 psychometric tests/questionnaires and published 18 scientific and professional papers. Recognise Your Enemy
Other work

Special Training I have experience in teaching various subjects such as Crisis Intervention Techniques, Personality Disorders, Psychological Interventions, Risk Assessment, Malingering and Deception, Faking Hallucinations, Six Step Crisis Intervention and much more. I also have experience in supervising doctorate students and colleagues.


Baron's 500 My biography is published in Marquis' "Who's Who in the World", Marquis' "Who's Who in Medicine and Healthcare", Marquis' "Who's Who in Science and Engineering", The Barons 500 Leaders for the New Century, The Barons 500 Europe.
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